Sailability Wellington Trust Newsletter – February 2024

Don Manning QSM

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Greetings to Sailability Wellington Members, Volunteers, Whanau Members, Carers, Supporters and Benefactors. Welcome to the first newsletter for 2024.

A Film is Being Made about US!!

In early March, (just a few weeks away), the SailGP filming crew will be coming to Seaview to film our sailing programme and make a documentary.  We are just firming up the day, but expect it will be Saturday 2nd March.  

If you wish to be involved either as a sailor, or as support crew, please phone me to let me know on 027 2494 275.

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The Weather!

We seem to be getting more sailing days cancelled than ever before.  It’s not an illusion!  It may be due to Global Warming, or it may just be ‘the way things really are’.  Sadly, though, making changes to the weather is not something that anyone has any control over. On each sailing day, there are a couple of us who review the forecasts and make a call to ensure that we can go sailing safely.  

It's true that we have lately also been beset with some of our Sailing Support Crew unwell.  They are all treasured volunteers and like everybody, they need to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, unlike a business, we cannot often find replacements for sick volunteers overnight….and we need to remember that COVID is still with us.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers, and welcome anyone from any to find out more follow this link:

Sailability Wellington Membership Fees

We are a ‘membership organisation’!  For the last 8 years, our annual subscription fees have been set at $115.00, which is made of $100 membership and $15 of GST.  The organisations that fund us enquire from time to time if we are increasing our subscriptions to keep up with inflation.  

From March of this year, the trustees of Sailability Wellington Trust have decided to increase those fees to $120.00 plus GST, which is a total of $138.  This is the amount we will be asking all sailors to pay for the year.

Changes to our Saturday Sailing Programme

From this coming Saturday, we will be operating each week form Titahi Bay Boating Club from 9:30am, - no matter what the weather.  It will be a combination of regular sailing, learn to sail, and learn to race activities.  Some lessons may be inside.  We will approach many of you to invite you, but you might like to call me if you wish to join up with this programme.


We are progressing work on the ParAble-Whakatauki class yachts. Check out this cool clip of the boat in action.


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