Learning resources

Here are some great activities to take your sailing learning off the water!

There's a fantastic, comprehensive 'Introduction to Sailing' booklet provided by New South Wales Sailability. It explains how to prepare for your first sail, what to do as a beginner and as a more advanced sailor, introduces the different parts of the Hansa 303 boat you'll be sailing and important sailing terms, some useful sailing knots and some things about the weather (and more!).

We also have some activity sheets you can download. These are being produced in partnership with The Royal Yachting Association, Sailability NSW, and ourselves. Thanks to the generous support of the New Zealand Lotteries Commission these are free to download.

Keep checking this page as we will be adding more resources over time.


Introduction to sailing

Sailing for beginners in a Hansa 2.3 and Hansa 303 by Simon Whiteley

Activity 1

Learn about sailors clothing and the different parts of a boat

Activity 2

Learn basic rules for sailing including steering the boat and setting the sail

Activity 3

Learn about the wind

Activity 4

Learn about knots