Our boats

Sailability's own boat, the ParAble, sailing in the middle of Welllington Harbour.


Sailability Wellington is proud to be developing our own boat 'ParAble'. Learn about its development and how you can get involved.

We sail Hansa 303s

The Hansa 303 is a single or two-crew sailing keelboat, recognised by the International Sailing Federation as an international sailing class.

Designed in 1998, the Hansa 303 is suitable for people with a wide array of disabilities. The heavy centreboard and hull design ensure the boats are easy to sail and extremely safe. They balance perfectly when sailed single-handed or by two full-sized adults. They are a relaxing and comfortable boat to sail, and also exciting, versatile and affordable.

We have support boats at all our bases

Over the years we have proudly partnered with local groups and trusts to fundraise for support boats. We now have boats at each of our sailing sites at Evans Bay, Seaview and Porirua, which are used to accompany our sailors out on the water and also available as a resource for the yacht clubs with whom we are affiliated.

The ‘Spirit of Altrusa’ was our first support boat, launched with financial support from the Wellington Altrusa club. Today it is owned by the Titahi Bay Boating club and used by us on occasion. We purchased our next support boat 'Tētēkura' from the Tup Radford Intercollegiate Yachting Academy. It is now our main support boat at Titahi Bay and also used by the Boating club on occasion.


‘Trusty’ is our support boat at the Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club. On a crisp Sunday morning in mid-July 2015, Mark Cassidy, Chief Executive of the Wellington Community Trust, broke (well, opened and poured) a bottle of champagne on its bow before taking a test run around Evans Bay - watched on by a crowd of more than 100 well-wishers.  Trusty was entirely funded by the generous support of Wellington Community Trust.


'Trader' is Sailability Wellington's newest and largest support boat, based at Seaview marina. It was dedicated in February 2019,  at our annual 'thank you' dinner for volunteers, with the traditional bottle of sparkling wine poured over the bow by Richard Petersen CEO of ICAP NZ.

Trader cost $52,000, with $37,000 donated by ICAP and $15,000 by One Foundation. We thank them both for their generous support.